What is urodynamic assessment?

Urodynamic tests are used to diagnose patients who have urinary incontinence or other lower urinary tract symptoms. These tests are applied to both men and women. Urodynamic tests are used to measure:
• Nerve and muscle function.
• Bladder and extravesical pressure.
• Urinary flows and other factors.

These tests assess how well the bladder, sphincter and urethra store and release urine and they are performed to diagnose problems in the lower urinary tract. Most urodynamic tests are designed to find out how well the bladder holds urine and how well it empties. The bladder should be able to release urine in a constant manner so that it empties completely.
This Urodynamics Workshop is organized in collaboration with Bristol Institute of Urology, United Kingdom, with an international reputation for providing first class education and training courses, workshops and seminars for healthcare professionals, industry and other groups working for the improvement of medical assistance.
This two-day event includes hands-on lectures, interactive case discussions and demonstrations to showcase the full spectrum of urodynamics.

Learning objectives:
• Assessment of the physiology behind urodynamic studies as part of the patient investigation
• Knowledge of the basic physical principles behind flow and pressure measurement
• Knowledge of the role of urodynamics in the medical investigation of children, women, men and neurological patients
• Ability to recognize artifacts seen during UDS and knowledge of how to correct them
• Ability to interpret urodynamic graphs
• Knowledge of basic and specialized urodynamics techniques, including urethral profilometry and video-urodynamics

Prof. Hasim Hasim

Workshop Director

Dr. Marcel Rad

Workshop Director

Invited Experts

Prof. Hashim Hashim

Andrew R Gammie

Laura Thomas

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